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Download S for Secret (2016) 720p HDRip Subtitle Indonesia

The film centers on two couples, starting with Hung and Bobo, newlyweds who are having sex problems. He’s got performance issues because he’s stressed out, plus she’s unadventurous in bed and only wants sex to have a baby. Meanwhile, she’s telling her family and friends about his problems – another surefire way to stop his tentpole from telescoping properly. However, Hung’s got secrets: He lost his job and is now working at a sex toy store, and in his frustration has started casually shagging a comely young girl who engages in foreplay to power-up his package. Meanwhile, talent manager Sister Sze is pissed off with Keung, her sex-addicted husband who’s straying far from the ranch. Simultaneously, one of Sze’s starlets, Tracy, resents Sze and instantly zeroes in on Keung for some retribution. Sze’s also got a lingering attraction to hunky Owen, a layabout who delivers food to her office while making come hither gazes.
Title : S for Secret
Original Title : 小姐誘心
Release Date : November 10, 2016
Runtime : 99 min.
Genres : Mature, Romance, Erotic


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